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Are you looking for a CRO to support your research projects in the field of immunology?
Are you looking for a service laboratory to support your clinical study?
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We develop and validate customized assays based on our established EliSpot / FluoroSpot platform in order to offer the best analytics for your (pre-) clinical samples. Through a number of additional methods like ELISA, flow cytometry, Western Blot or immuno array we offer the possibility to extend your study data or address other issues. Our expert team supports your project from the first request to the transfer of analytical data and guarantees continuous compliance with the principles of Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP).

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EliSpot / FluoroSpot applications

Cancer therapy

  • Detection and quantification of specific T or B cells upon vaccination with cancer vaccines
  • Immunoprofiling during the application of immunomodulating therapies like checkpoint inhibitors in order to determine their efficacy
  • Immune kinetics in addition to conventional pharmacokinetics / toxicokinetics
  • Immunoprofiling during the application of immunotherapies with regard to immune-related adverse events (ir-AEs)
  • Detection of circulating tumor cells
  • Analytics during CAR-T cell therapies

Autoimmune diseases

  • Detection of autoantibody-producing B cells
  • Determination of B cell reactivity to autoantigens
  • Detection of autoreactive T cells


  • Evaluation of the immune status of potential organ recipients
  • Characterization and stratification of patients with regard to personalized immunosuppressive therapy

Vaccine development

  • Quantification and functionality of antigen-specific T cells
  • Determination of T cell immunogenicity of vaccines
  • Epitope mapping
  • Detection of specific antibody-producing B cells, isotyping


  • Detection of T or B cell reactivity to allergens
  • Classification of T cell reactivity into Th1- or Th2-dominated responses
  • Evaluation of the immune response to a specific drug with regard to adverse events

Infectious diseases

  • Detection and quantification of antigen-specific T or B cells
  • Determination of immune status
  • Monitoring of infectious diseases to support therapeutic decisions


customized EliSpot / FluoroSpot


Individualize your T or B cell EliSpot / FluoroSpot by flexibly choosing number and type of detected cytokines or immunoglobulins as well as stimulating antigens. We offer the opportunity to choose from analytes and antigens already tested in-house or to develop customized assays to meet special requirements.  Please contact us with your requirements and the Immune Analytics team will be happy to develop your customized EliSpot / FluoroSpot assay.

Which antigens?

  • CEF
  • PWM
  • EBV
  • CMV
  • B31
  • tumor antigens
  • customer-specific antigens

Which analytes?

  • IL-5
  • IgA
  • IL-2
  • IgG
  • TNF-α
  • INF-γ
  • customer-specific analytes