AID at Events – Here you can get to know our services and modern labor diagnostics.

We present our services for the modern laboratory diagnostics at numerous international events. You can visit our specialists with practical experience there.

Meet us at the following events:

26.01.2024IVD Symposium 2024 München

05.02.2024-08.02.2024German Pavilion @ MEDLAB Middle East 2024 Dubai

07.03.2024-09.03.2024IGLD-INSTAND Jahressymposium Leipzig

13.03.2024-16.03.2024WIRM Davos

13.03.2024-16.03.2024EUROGIN Stockholm

25.03.2024-28.03.202433rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Virology Wien

18.04.2024-20.04.2024AZÄD Köln

22.04.2024-25.04.202436th Annual Canadian Society for Immunology CSI Conference Banff, Canada

03.05.2024-07.05.2024Immunology 2024 Chicago

13.05.2024-16.05.202438. Jahrestagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Hygiene, Mikrobiologie und Präventivmedizin Salzburg

02.06.2024-05.06.2024DGHM & VAAM 7th Joint Microbiology & Infection Conference Würzburg

01.09.2024-04.09.2024ECI2024 7th European Congress of Immunology Dublin

11.09.2024-13.09.2024DGTI & DGI Düsseldorf

19.09.2024-21.09.2024CTM Conference on Tropical Medicine
and Global Health 2024 Düsseldorf

08.11.2024-09.11.2024 11. Mikrobiologietage 2024 Dresden