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AID vSpot – High resolution Image Analyzer for various plate formats

Analyze EliSpot, viral plaque and neutralization assays

High resolution Image Analyzer for various plate formats

The AID vSpot extends the functionality of the successful AID Classic with full range plate compatibility.

Due to a genuine optical zoom, versatile stage settings and unique software features this reader is not restricted to the analysis of 96-well plate formats. It also reads 6-, 12-, 24- and 48-well plates.

The AID vSpot analyzes a variety of different assay types including EliSpot, Viral Plaque Assays, Neutralization Assays and Colony Counting.



  • Enzymatic analysis of 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-well plates
  • High resolution images via firewire connected digital camera
  • Evenly spread, long life LED light source
  • Controlled by a high-end PC
  • Data export to Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, PDF, LIMS, .txt-files

Here you can download our current product overview.