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Elispot Assay


AID EliSpot B-Zell Assay Basis-Kits – Human IgG, IgA, IgM

Basic Kit

B-cells are part of the cellular immunity against viruses and bacteria. The B-cell reaction is usually measured via specific antibody detection in patients’ sera.

However, this only reflects one part of the B-cell activity and therefore only one part of the immunity against a specific pathogen.
Memory B-cells can exist without remarkably antibody production. Based on their ability to differentiate and following initiated antibody production these cells have a notable relevance in the humoral immunity.

AID GmbH offers the following Basic kits:
ELSP5210/5310 Human IgG
ELSP5220/5320 Human IgA
ELSP5230/5330 Human IgM

In combination with serological tests the B-cell EliSpot is able to show a more detailed picture and broader range of the B-cell mediated immune response.