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RNA extraction and DNA extraction

AID SMART LYSIS TOOL – fast isolation of nucleic acid

fast + easy isolation of nucleic acid for PCR

For fast and easy isolation of nucleic acid for use in PCR.
In no time and with only a few manual steps of procedure, the AID Smart Lysis Tool isolates RNA or DNA* from nasopharynx as well as bronchoalveolar swaps.
The Kit qualifies especially for handling of Covid-19 samples and is cheap to establish in every laboratory

*DNA Isolation upon request


  •  easy to use: the uncomplicated protocol allows flexible handling in every day use of laboratories
  •  fast: within 15 minutes and only a few steps of procedure you get isolated RNA for further PCR steps
  •  cost-efficient: no further investments in laboratory equipment
  •  no complex in-house validation needed, because of certification
  •  DNA Isolation upon request
  • RDB 1019