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PCR characterization of genes for coumarin metabolism

AID coumarin panel PCR kit – detection of major polymorphisms for coumarin metabolism

Characterization of the major polymorphisms in CYP2C9, CYP4F2 and VKORC1 genes

Coumarins are one of the most important pharmaceuticals which are used very often as anti coagulant.

Drug level in patient is not only dependent on doses but also on phenotype of different detoxication enzymes, which are involved in coumarin metabolism. Determination of these phenotypes can help to select suited drug modifications and to avoid drug overdose.

AID Cumarin Panel enables determination of the polymorphisms:
p. R144C and p. I359L of CYP2C9 gene,
p. V433M of CYP4F2 gene
and c. C1173T of VKORC1 gene




  • Characterization of the most important polymorphisms of CYP2C9 gene, CYP3F4 gene and of VKORC1 gene
  • Differentiation between homozygous and heterozygous genotype
  • PCR with subsequent lineprobe assay
  • Specimen: human DNA isolated from buccal swab, Citrate- or EDTA-blood or biopsy
  • Control bands on every strip show correct DNA isolation, amplification and hybridization
  • Results within 4 hours
  • Suited for automated systems
  • Evaluation and documentation with AID Scanning system
  • RDB 2075


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