AID Autoimmun Diagnostika GmbH – Diagnostic products & imaging devices



In the AID group we have many years of experience and knowledge in the areas of diagnostics and imaging devices.

This is how our customers benefit from one-stop solutions, which is unique to us.

The AID group is



Genome Identification Diagnostics GmbH (GenID)

develops and produces in vitro diagnostics

part of GenID is also our CRO Immune Analytics

Advanced Imaging Devices
Advanced Imaging Devices GmbH

develops and produces imaging devices and compatible software



Autoimmun Diagnostika GmbH (AID)

is responsible for sales and distribution of these products

The scope of our products are immunology and diagnostics of infectious diseases, and include automatable solutions for applications in molecular biology, microbiology, virology and cell biology.


AID history

2017:Start of Immune Analytics as a division of GenID

2016:Latest technology in the field of image processing results in patent US 9207233

2011:  After the death of Dr. Volkmar Schöllhorn AID is continued as a family managed business

2006:  Dr. Volkmar Schöllhorn established the company Advanced Imaging Devices GmbH, which develops and produces imaging devices

1998:Certification of AID by ISO 13485 und ISO 9001

1997:The first EliSpot-Reader of AID arises on the market.

1995:  Dr. Volkmar Schöllhorn established the company GenID GmbH, which develops and produces PCR testsystems and Assays for the T-Zell-Diagnostic

1994:  AID is the first company, which offers a scanningsystem for the interpretation of Westernblot-Strips

1989:  Dr. Volkmar Schöllhorn established the company Autoimmun Diagnostika GmbH. AID develops and produces a large spectrum of Westernblottests for autoimmune- und infectious diseases