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AID EliSpot Reader iSpot Robot – High throughput 96- and 384-well plate EliSpot/FluoroSpot analysis

high troughput and reliable results

Robotic System

High throughput 96- and 384-well plate EliSpot/FluoroSpot analysis

Designed for high throughput and traceable results. This is the tool suited for large groups of samples. The AID iSpot Robot copes with up to 30 plates in one automated, walk-away process and will analyze them in less than 90 minutes.

The system is designed to interpret enzymatic EliSpot assays as well as 1-, 2- and 3-color fluorescence assays.

The AID iSpot Robot simultaneously takes high resolution images, auto centers the well, counts/analyzes the plate and exports data in various formats.
Data acquisition is fully automated.

Customized robotic AID Reader Systems are able to handle other plate formats or upscale for more plates per run on request.




  • Hands-off, walk-away system
  • Automatic barcode recognition
  • Integrated system, not a reader/stacker solution
  • Up to 30 plates in one run
  • Enzymatic and fluorescent analysis of 96- and 384-well plates in one system
  • “FluoroAID” image overlay technology
  • Up to 3 fluorescence filters on board
  • Evenly spread, long life LED ring and LED fluorescence illumination (optional)
  • Controlled by a high-end PC
  • Data export to Excel, PowerPoint, LIMS, .txt-files

Here you can download our current product overview.