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AID HPV DNA Array – Sensitive HPV detection and typing

DA4270 HPV

HPV infection are one of the most frequent sexual transmitted disease in developed countries today. Infection rate is highest few years after starting sexual activities and reaches frequencies of up to 60% in some populations. Most of this infections remains asymptomatic and are eliminated by the immune system. About 20% of the infected suffer from persistent infection. Here HPV viruses stays in epithelium for several years and can cause high grad precancerous lesions (Dysplasie, cervical intraepithelial Neoplasie, CIN) which can progress to cervical cancer.

Until today more than 100 human papilloma virus types are found and described by sequencing. Most of the characterized HPV are apathogen (low risk types) while some high risk types cause precancerous lesions especially in genital but also in oral regions. More than 90% of Cervical carcinoma are caused by high risk type HPV infections.

AID HPV DNA Array enables sensitive HPV detection and typing in high throughput format.


  • Easy and quick procedure
  • PCR with subsequent reverse hybridization
  • HPV-typing for 29 HPV genotypes in array format
  • 96 well format suited for high throughput processing
  • Automated system can be offered
  • Specimen: DNA from scrapes, biopsies and FFPE-samples as well as for oral and pharyngeal mucosa samples
  • Control bands in every well show correct DNA isolation, amplification and hybridization
  • Results within 4 hours
  • Evaluation and documentation with AID Reader and AIDot software