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AID veterinary EliSpot Assay - Detection of specific T cells

Adding to unclear serology

Diagnostic assessment of vague chronic or neurological symptoms

The EliSpot technology is widely used to quantify antigen-specific cellular immunity on a single-cell level.

The T cell reaction against a specific antigen is the central part of the cellular immune answer. The individual immunity can be monitored in detail based on the variability in correlation with the number of activated T cells, respectively the type of secreted cytokine.

The EliSpot assay is a well standardized method and easily automatable for different issues and questions and is therefore used in research as well as in diagnostic laboratories.

Especially in veterinary medicine the detection of pathogen-specific T cells can provide diagnostic assistance in the case of unclear or missing serological findings.

AID GmbH offers the following Basic kits :
ELSP5062 IFNy equine
ELSP5562 IFNy equine strip Format
ELSP5067 IFNy canine
ELSP5567 IFNy canine strip Format




  • Functional control included in the kit