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AID ANA ImmunoArray – Detection of autoantibodies against specific nucleic antigens

IA 3000 ANA

Autoimmune diseases can be divided into organ-specific diseases and systemic diseases. Rheumatoid Arthritis and systemic Lupus erythematodes are for example systemic autoimmune diseases.

Rheumatic diseases are associated with appearance of antinucleic antibodies (ANA). Most of these antibodies are directed against elements of the cell like nucleic antigens or cytoplasmatic antigens (mitochondria and microsomes). Some of these ANA are disease specific and can be used as diagnostic markers in serology

AID ANA ImmunoArray enables a sensitive detection of autoantibodies against specific nucleic antigens. 


  • Immunoblot in array form with 13 ANA specific antigens for detection of serum autoantibodies
  • Specimen: human serum
  • Internal controls for documentation of correct assay processing
  • Results within 2 hours
  • 96 well format suited for high throughput processing
  • Automated system can be offered
  • Evaluation and documentation with AID Reader and AIDot software


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