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Infectious Diseases


AID CAP bac PCR kit: Detection and differentiation of bacterial-induced pneumonia

RDB 2135 CAP Bac

Common cultivation times for detection of bacterial pathogens causing pneumonia are generally 24 – 48 hours.
Therefore it‘s not possible to initiate a specific antibiotic therapy within few hours after hospitalization.

However these goals can be attained with the kit AID CAP Bac.

It specifically detects the most common pathogens causing pneumonia within 4 hours. With the differentiation of pathogens on the test strip, a specific antibiotic therapy is now possible.

The mortality rate especially in elderly patients can be decreased. Also a shortened length of stay and resulting hospital cost reduction is achieved.



  • Designed for initial screening for bacterial CAP pathogens in one step multiplex PCR
  • Differentiation in 9 types of the most frequent microorganisms causing pneumonia
  • Specimen: sputum
  • Results within 4 hours
  • Suited for automated systems
  • Control bands on every strip show correct DNA isolation, amplification and hybridization
  • Evaluation and documentation with AID scanner and software


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