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Elispot Assay


EliSpot iSpot Assay Basic Kit – Detection of polyfunctional T cells

Basic Kit

The iSpot is the advancement of the classic enzymatic EliSpot technology for measurement of polyfunctional T cells against a specific antigen.

The AID iSpot Assay detects 2 or 3 cytokines in parallel in one well. Different combinations of cytokines allow depending on the question a detailed evaluation of the immune status.

AID GmbH offers the following
combinations / test kits:
ELSP5710/5810 Interferon gamma + Interleukin-2
ELSP5720/5820 Interferon gamma + Interleukin-5
ELSP5730/5830 Interferon gamma + Interleukin-17
ELSP6000/6100 Interferon gamma +
Interleukin-2 + Interleukin-17



  • Detection of an active immune response by IFNy (FITC)
  • Detection of memory T cells by e.g. IL-2 (Cy3) of a latent immune status
  • Relation of triple-, double- and single stained spots for a differentiated evaluation of the immune status