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AID TB EliSpot Assay - analysing TB specific immune responses

Diagnostic of latent and acute Tuberculosis

Differentiation of TB to BCG vaccination and NTMs

In recent years Interferon-γ-Release-Assays (IGRAs) have been established in the diagnosis of acute and latent infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. By using antigens, which are not present in BCG-vaccination strain, no cross reactivity occurs at vaccinated persons.

In contrast to ELISA technique the EliSpot method shows a higher specificity and sensitivity.

In addition to the diagnosis of latent TB, the IGRA is applicable to control contact persons / household contact and gives assistance in the diagnosis of acute tuberculosis.


  • Blood collection with standard blood tubes
  • High grade of standardization
  • Automatic evaluation and documentation with AID-Reader System
  • Functional control included in the kit
  • ELSP 5540