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AID veterinary LymeSpot EliSpot Assay

Detection of Borrelia-specific effector T cells

AID LymeSpot equine and LymeSpot canine EliSpot assays

Diagnosis of Borreliosis of animals like horse and dog is challenging due to the unspecific clinical symptoms. Often, long-term exclusion diagnostics are the only possibility to detect Borrelia-related diseases.

Fundamentally, a positive Borrelia antibody test is separately no indicator for a therapy or reflects the clinical manifestations. In this case, detection of Borrelia-specific effector T cells can provide further diagnostic assistance.

The AID LymeSpot equine and LymeSpot kit canine detect and measure the Interferon-y expression of Borrelia-specific effector T cells.

ELSP5512 LymeSpot equine
ELSP5517 LymeSpot canine



  • Alternative method to ELISA / WB with unclear diagnosis
  • Clarification of unclear lameness, arthritis, swollen joints, emaciation
  • For unclear chronic or neurological symptoms
  • Higher sensitivity and specificity
  • Therapy monitoring / prognosis possible
    also for seronegative “chronic borreliosis”
  • Functional control included in the kit