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AID EBV EliSpot Assay – Measures EBV-specific Immune Response

Detect EBV-specific T cell response

specific T cell reactivity

The ubiquitously distributed Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) belongs to the familiy of Herpesviridae. The prevalence of infected adults ranges from 95-99% in industrial countries.

The virus life-long persists in several cell types after primary infection. Reactivation of an EBV-infection can occur not only in immunosuppressed or organ transplanted patients, but also in immunocompetent donors.

The AID EBVSpot EliSpot Assay detects and measures the Interferon-y expression of EBV-specific effector T cells.


  • Compatible Peptide pools for stimulation of CD8+ T cells
  • Functional control included in the kit
  • ELSP 5520